Wednesday, March 30, 2005

24 hour drinking (part 1)

Well, a nice idea, but you can't trust anyone in the UK today to get anywhere near the respectable cafe culture that our friends on the continent have. Why?

Children in the UK are brought up in a culture created by their parents and successive governments where booze is bad and forbidden, and there is no exposure to it until too late. Result: children always want to break the rules, so booze is seen as something cool to try to get hold of, thus it is consumed in a completely unregulated environment on street corners, leading onto binge drinking, particularly running up to the artificially imposed 11pm Last Orders. It should be introduced to children in small quantities from an earlier age so that they can be taught to respect it and it is no longer a mystical taboo.

This is magnified by the cancer of selfishness that is now prevalent in this country owing to 18 years of Conservative government mismanagement under Thatcher and her cronies that have eroded any sense of responsibility and civic awareness that there might have been and instead engendered people to not give a shit and treat the civic environment as a public dustbin.

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